April 18th – Press Release

DENVER, CO – PK Kaiser, Assessor Arapahoe County has officially endorsed Neal Walia for Colorado’s First Congressional District.

 “In a country full of history, culture and diverse communities we need leaders in office who mirror the same. Leaders driven not by power but an urgency for the change we all need. I endorse Neal Walia because I believe for our community, in particular immigrant communities, we need representatives in the fight for reform and come from a place of understanding our struggles. I know the fierce leadership he has shown in the South Asian community and that he will carry forward visionary change once elected.” said PK Kaiser on this endorsement.

PK Kaiser has been a leader in the Colorado South Asian community for as long as I can remember. He is one of the most present elected officials not just in our community, but all across Arapahoe County. His leadership is something that I deeply admire and hope to emulate once I’m elected into Congress. I am proud to receive his endorsement!