Freedom To Learn.

  • Universal Pre-K. Families face huge lines and are often charged unaffordable tuition for pre-K programs. We must invest in our children’s earliest years to set them up for good childhoods and lives. Guaranteeing high quality universal pre-K will also employ Americans to do vital, low-carbon care work, and ease the strain on parents of all sorts, especially low-income women of color, who are disproportionately burdened.

  • Fully fund K-12. Every child has the right to a high quality public school education. To make that goal a reality, we need to fully fund not just STEM but also arts, emotional, social, and sexual education. We should have world-class, de-segregated, de-policed public schools, so families aren’t pushed into charter schools which all-too-often act as cash cows for hedge fund executives.

  • Free college. We severely undermine our collective potential by making it difficult for working class students to obtain a higher education without incurring stifling debt. It is well past time we made public college tuition-free, and addressed comprehensive student loan forgiveness, starting with the Democratic Party’s campaign promise of $10,000 per borrower.