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As the son of immigrants who migrated here from India, I was fed the narrative of pursuing the American Dream. After working hard, playing by the rules, going to college and obtaining two masters degrees, my life feels more vulnerable than ever. I am crushed by student loan debt, I cannot buy a home in the city that I love, and the cost of childcare is actively preventing me and my wife from starting a family. That is why I am running for Congress in Colorado’s First Congressional District! I am running because I want to be a champion for our most vulnerable communities. I want our communities to have a representative who lives their struggles and will fight to fix them, as if their lives depended on it, because my life does.

The people in CD1 have been left behind by the empty promises of progress and change from politicians that continue to serve the wealthy and well connected. We cannot look to the same people that helped create the problems our country faces to solve them. We need a new generation of leadership. That is why I am running to be your Representative.

Why I'm Running

It's Time To Do Denver Better

Congressional District One Primary Debate 2022

Neal on the Issues

Neal cares about the issues impacting the everyday people of Colorado.

Green Economy

Decarbonization by unlocking our national creativity and capacity by investing in millions of good paying green jobs and new infrastructure that will improve our quality of life.

A Just TransitionIt is not enough to simply have more renewable energy sources, we have to make sure that our new economy does not operate like the one that we leave behind.

Economic DemocracyA rigged economy has  compromised our political system, our cities, and our workplaces through the influence of private wealth. We can change this.



Housing For AllWe simply cannot continue to ignore this issue and avoid Federal responsibility. It is time that the government understands that housing is a human right.

Living With DignityOur homes are interwoven into neighborhoods, cities and workplaces that together play a role in shaping what our lives are really like. Too many families face increasing burdens and stressors that do not allow us to thrive. I believe housing issues must extend into living with dignity.


Public Health – We need changes that are holistic and systemic. Healthcare for the common good is something we can win through Medicare for all.

Social HealthMany of the problems we face come from a failure to address issues at their roots in such a way that secures rights, expands awareness, and creates space for redemption, learning, and growth. 

Environmental HealthOur campaign is part of a broader movement to promote policies that foster safe and vibrant communities by reducing toxic exposures into our lives and creating resilient public infrastructures that can best respond to environmental shocks.

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