Housing & Community

Housing for All           

Our country is currently facing a homelessness and home affordability crisis. It is at the center of our deteriorating social fabric and quality of life. We simply cannot continue to ignore this issue and avoid Federal responsibility. It is time that the government understands that housing is a human right. As your Congressman my office will work to pass: 

  • A Congressional Commission on Homelessness
  • Homes Guarantee and American Social Housing Initiative
  • Upgrades and green investments into our public housing stock
  • National regulation on rent prices
  • Address racial and gender inequality from a century of segregation and underinvestment
  • Include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” under the Fair Housing Act

Living With Dignity

Our homes are interwoven into neighborhoods, cities and workplaces that together play a role in shaping what our lives are really like. Too many families face increasing burdens and stressors that do not allow us to thrive. I believe housing issues must extend into living with dignity. That’s why this campaign will fight to make the changes that will leave a lasting impact by:

  • Lowering the age of retirement and increasing Social Security benefits
  • Establishing a living wage
  • Universal childcare
  • Expanding rights and support for the disabled
  • Forming a congressional framework to end mass incarceration

Housing as a Human Right: A Transformative Agenda for Colorado’s 1st District and Beyond