Freedom To Migrate. The fact that people continue to migrate to the US, knowing full well how cruelly our immigration system rips families apart and warehouses migrants in concentration camps, tells us everything we need to know about how badly in need of a welcoming country they are.

  • End the war on immigrants. The proliferation of military technologies in our southern borderlands over the past decades makes it clear that we have abandoned the legacy of the Statue of Liberty and decided instead to make war on the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. We must demilitarize the border, disband ICE, and welcome in asylum-seekers fleeing war, poverty, and persecution.
  • Citizenship for all. DACA is a good start. However, families belong together, and deporting parents while their DACA-protected children remain here is inhumane and senseless. Moreover, keeping migrant workers in legal limbo drives down wages and undermines all working people. We must halt mass deportations, dramatically expand the DACA program, and improve green card accessibility.

Military, trade and climate policy. The US’s influence in the world is mighty, and often the consequences of our actions drive migration. Wars we initiate or sustain with weapons, money, and training create refugees abroad. Trade deals we enact to please international corporations create mass unemployment across borders. Carbon pollution we emit exacerbates floods and fires that destroy entire communities elsewhere in the world. We must energetically overhaul these sectors and work toward a world where everyone who wants to can stay where they live.