April 6th - Press Release

Neal Walia, a grassroots Democrat running for Congress in Colorado’s 1st Congressional District, has promoted Alyssa Nilemo to Campaign Manager of the Neal Walia for Congress campaign. 

“Alyssa has continuously demonstrated her ability to manage, organize, and lead across all aspects of our people powered campaign. She quickly rose from our campaign’s Director of Operations to Deputy Campaign Manager, and has earned her position as Campaign Manager leading into the most important phase of the campaign. Our whole team is excited and energized by this decision. We believe now more than ever that we are in position to win this year’s June Democrat Primary and make history by becoming the first person of color to ever represent our district in the halls of Congress.”

Alyssa stated: “I’m proud of this campaign and how far we’ve come together as a team. From the very beginning, I’ve believed deeply in the mission and values of this campaign and what we are fighting for. I’m looking forward to working with and mobilizing the hundreds of volunteers and community members who have helped build this people-powered mile high movement. Our goal is to make sure every single voter in this district knows that they have a choice in this primary. Our district has long been ready to move forward from our corporate backed establishment incumbent of 25 years and become a leading voice in the progressive movement for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Housing as a Human Right. Neal is the right choice for our communities.”