March 1st - Press Release

Candidate for CO’s First Congressional District Neal Walia Takes Petition Path to the Primary Ballot

DENVER, CO – Neal Walia, who is running for Colorado’s First Congressional District will seek to qualify for the 2022 primary ballot by pursuing signature collection and forgo the Democratic caucus process.

Neal stated, “When I began my run for Congress, my team and I made a commitment to build a movement designed to empower our communities throughout the course of this campaign. As a grassroots candidate, we made a choice to allow the fate my candidacy to be determined by the people of our district. While we respect the Caucus and applaud those who participate in this important process,  the Caucus serves individuals who are already deeply connected to electoral politics.

Through the petition process, we’ve worked with our neighbors in East Colfax, the Northside, 5 points, Glendale, and so many other communities across our district who have never participated in a Congressional campaign. I’m so proud of all of our amazing volunteers who have fought alongside us throughout this process. My team and I are looking forward to making it on to the ballot on 3/15 and continuing our people powered mission to make history this June when we elect the first person of color to represent our district in the halls of Congress, as well as the only federal representative in our entire state who doesn’t accept Corporate PAC dollars.”

Each candidate petitioning must collect at least 1,500 signatures from registered Democrats within the Congressional district they are running in by March 15, 2022 in order to qualify for the ballot.