March 22nd - Press Release

DENVER, CO – Hon. Joe Salazar has officially endorsed Neal Walia for Colorado’s First Congressional District.

The Honorable Joe Salazar stated, “In a city called Denver – with its rich history, culture, and community leaders – politics demands visionaries who will move progressive policies forward for the community. All too often, we have seen people become too comfortable in their positions, and fail to lead in areas where we must go. I endorse Neal Walia because he’s not afraid to lead in areas involving climate change, healthcare, or criminal justice. As a person of color, Neal knows he doesn’t have the luxury to be comfortable, neither do we, and it’s about time we elect leaders who recognize and will address the discomfort we are all facing in our country.”

Joe‘s tenacity has lead him to be on the forefront of the most important fights in Colorado. He is unwavering in his demand for human dignity and justice which is why I am so honored to have his support! Joe and I both understand the establishment money that we are up against and we need your help to overcome the specials interests that are working to keep candidates like me down.

I am humbled by the trust that I have received from such an inspiring leader in the community and I look forward to taking the fight for justice to Washington DC.