October 18th, 2021 - Press Release

Candidate Raises Over $100,000 in First Quarter

Today, Democratic candidate for Congress in Colorado’s first Congressional District Neal Walia announced that his campaign has raised $100,637 since launching his campaign on July 7. His campaign has received donations from over 300 individuals. “When I began this journey to run for Congress, I made a commitment that this campaign will be one powered by everyday people with a progressive vision for our communities. I am humbled and honored that we have achieved such a monumental fundraising goal without accepting a single penny from any corporations or special interest groups. Now, more than ever, it is clear that the people of Denver are demanding a new vision of leadership that is different than what we have been given for the last 25 years,” Walia said.

“We have proven that this campaign for Congress is a competitive challenge to the status quo, and every day more people are investing in this people-powered campaign. We are excited to continue our journey of building trust and growing our people powered movement. We are here to stay and aren’t going anywhere,” Walia continued.

Walia’s campaign is focused on changing our systems nationally and locally to put people over party, people over profit, and people over politics.